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Small Business Grant 2023/24


  1. 1. Grant Information and Instructions
  2. 2. 2023-2024 Small Business Technical Assistance and Grant Application
  3. 3. Required Documents
  • Grant Information and Instructions

    1. 2023/24 Small Business Technical Assistance and Grant Opportunity

      The City of Fort Pierce has allocated funding from its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for small businesses (with 5 or fewer employees – including part-time) located in specific ‘Target Areas’ to receive quarterly educational workshops geared toward small business issues. The 'Target Areas" are businesses that are in or serve the Lincoln Park area.

      This grant opportunity is NOT open to non-profit organizations.

      Representatives from small businesses must receive technical assistance from IRSC-SBDC to qualify. This grant can be utilized for marketing and advertising. Recipients can receive up to $5,000 from the City of Fort Pierce.

      Businesses wishing to apply for a grant should follow the attached “Program Guidelines” as they complete the grant application. Use additional space, as needed. 

    2. Physical Address / Contact Information:

      Grants Administration, Fort Pierce City Hall, 100 North U.S. Hwy. 1, Fort Pierce, Florida 34950 

      Telephone: 772-467-3161 // Email:


      Grant Description: This competitive grant opportunity provides CDBG money for the purchase of equipment, signage, or other improvements that will increase the small business’ capacity and sustainability.

      Eligible Applicants: Owners of existing small businesses with 5 or fewer employees (including part-time employees). Nonprofit Organizations may attend the workshops but are NOT eligible to apply for this grant.  This grant is not available for new business startups.

      Funding Source: United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) dollars. 

      Amount of Grant Awards: 

      • Grants for up to $5,000 will be awarded. Requests for over $5,000 will be automatically disqualified
      • First come – first qualified – first served.  Funding is limited. Only a limited amount of funding has been allocated for this opportunity.

      For Help Completing Your Grant Application:

      Contact: Grants Administration Division City of Fort Pierce

      Telephone: 772-467-3161;                            



      Grants will be made to purchase items that will increase the capacity and/or sustainability of your business. Examples include, but are not limited to: tools, signage, window treatments, grease traps, parking lot improvements, paint, and/or landscaping. 


      Ineligible purchases include, but are NOT limited to: salaries, rent, utilities, internet, telephone service, business inventory, taxes, postage, or debt. Grants will NOT be awarded for these types of projects. Grants will NOT be awarded to non-profit organizations. 


      The maximum grant request is $5,000.  Requests over $5,000 will be automatically disqualified

      In order to qualify to apply for grant funding:

      • The small EXISTING business must have 5 or FEWER employees (this includes part-time).
      • A representative from the small business MUST attend the technical assistance workshops for small businesses provided by the City of Fort Pierce, in collaboration with IRSC-SBDC.
      • The small business MUST have a CURRENT City of Fort Pierce Business Tax Receipt (BTR) and show proof that it is correctly registered with the Florida Division of Corporations (  

      Grant recipients, also referred to as Subrecipients, will be required to enter into a contractual agreement with the City of Fort Pierce in order to receive a grant award. The Subrecipient contract will contain the requirements for receiving a grant from federal funds and will also contain a copy of the original grant application which will include the project description, timeframe, budget, scope of services, and reporting requirements. The signature page of the contract will contain the signatures of persons authorized to enter into contractual agreements. 

      No funds will be disbursed until both the business and the City have signed the contract. A formal contract is mandatory, regardless of the amount of the grant award. Applicants are responsible for knowing and understanding the terms of their contract and deadlines for submitting documentation and reports. 

      Time Frame for Completing Project. All projects shall begin within 30 days following the execution of the contract. 

      Technical Assistance. The subrecipient is responsible for registering with the IRSC-SBDC and attending the Smart Start Orientation. 

      Purchase Price. The subrecipient is responsible for providing funding above and beyond the approved grant funds, as required, to complete the project. Subrecipient funds must be paid BEFORE the City grant funds will be awarded.  In most cases, City grant funds will be paid directly to the contractor, on behalf of the small business. 

      Disbursement of Funds. Urban Redevelopment Staff will work with the subrecipient to determine the best method of awarding funds to accomplish the proposed project. 

      Changes in Contract. The subrecipient may not change the terms or provisions in the Contract or substitute a different item for purchase without written approval from the Grants Administration Division before the purchase is made.

      Records and Reports. The Subrecipient is required to maintain records pertaining to the project for a minimum of five (5) years. 

      Inspections and Monitoring. Grants Administration Staff will monitor the progress of the Subrecipient’s project via monthly reports, telephone calls, and on-site visits. The Subrecipient must have appropriate records and copies of reports available for inspection upon request by Grants Administration Staff and/or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

      Suspension or Termination of Contract. Suspension or termination of the grant award contract may occur if the Subrecipient materially fails to comply with any term of the contract or other federal, state of local statutes and regulations governing the City with respect to compliance, whether stated in this document or not.  

      Other Requirements. Projects funded in whole or in part by the City of Fort Pierce must be in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. It is the responsibility of the grant awardee to obtain appropriate permits for projects, as needed. Permitting fees may be incorporated into the budget at the time of the grant application. 

      ATTENTION:  You may NOT qualify to receive a grant for your small business if:

      • Your business is not correctly licensed through the State of Florida and the City of Fort Pierce; and/or
      • Your business is currently under a nuisance abatement investigation or Code Enforcement action that has not been remedied. 

      Project Review Process. Until the project is completed, the business receiving the grant award will be required to provide monthly reports, in writing, to the Grants Administration Division.  If the business owner desires to make changes in the item(s) that were listed in the application for purchase, permission is required from the Grants Administration Staff prior to making the changes.

      City Disclaimer: The City reserves the right to revise grant program guidelines and eligibility criteria as it deems necessary and appropriate and to correct written errors without prior notice. 


      The 2023-2024 Small Business Technical Assistance and Grant opportunity will be administered by the City’s Grants Administration Division. IRSC-SBDC will provide technical assistance to applicants and recipients of grant funds. The Grants Division will conduct on-site and desk monitoring visits and project evaluations during the program year. 


      Grants Administration Staff will gladly answer questions pertaining to this grant application. Please do not wait until days before you are planning to submit your application to request assistance, as there may not be available time to assist you fully. 

      While Division Staff will be accessible to provide guidance on the grant process, the applicant is ultimately responsible for successfully completing the application and for including all necessary attachments related to the grant application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ask questions or follow up on any issues that are not clear. 

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