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Rules and Regs

In the Treasure Coast Conference, all of our football divisions are age-based. Currently, we have 5 football divisions:

6-U (5 & 6 yr. olds)

8-U (7 & 8 yr. olds)

10-U (8, 9 & 10 yr. olds) * changed in 2020 (8 yr. old can play in 8U or 10U)

12-U (10, 11 & 12 yr. olds) * changed in 2020 (10 yr. old can play in 10U or 12U)

14-U (12, 13 & 14 yr. olds) * changed in 2020 (12 yr. old can play in 12U or 14U)

In all divisions, there are no minimum or maximum weight restrictions.

The Pop Warner season runs from August 1st through mid-December if your team advances to the national championships. 

All Treasure Coast football teams have an eight (8) game regular season schedule.


All divisions will compete for a Treasure Coast Conference Championship except for the 6-U Division which is focused on instruction with no pressure to win. The TCFC Champions from the 8-U to 14-U Divisions will enter the Southeast Region playoff bracket with a chance to be crowned the Southeast Region Champion. The Regional Championships are held every year in Orlando, FL on Thanksgiving weekend. In early December, the Regional Champions from the 10-U to 14-U Divisions will advance to the Pop Warner National Championships held in Orlando, FL.

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