Indian Hills Recreation Area

About the Project

This recently completed stormwater project provides treatment for an 1,242 acre watershed of urban and commercially developed land. This project implements numerous BMPs (Best Management Practices) to improve the water quality of stormwater runoff that discharges into the Indian River Lagoon. These BMP’s consist of:
(1) Expansion of an existing 17 acre stormwater treatment lake. The water surface area of the existing lake was increased by 6.7 acre;
(2) Construction of a new outfall structure to increase residence time in the lake reducing the impact of the run off from a given rainfall event;
(3) Construction of an Alum Injection Plant to reduce phosphorus and particulates thus aiding in the depletion of algae;
(4) Creation of Littoral Zones;
(5) Floating Aquatic Plant System not only takes care of fluctuating water levels, but also produces oxygen, takes nutrients and pesticides out of the water, and provides habitat for wildlife utilization;
(6) Bio Swales. Another treatment component introduced into the park's BMPs is the utilization of pervious parking areas.

IH Rec Area Aerial
IH Rec Area