How to File a Complaint

If You Believe Your Rights Have Been Violated

Filing a Complaint in the State of Florida


Floridians are entitled by law to rent a place to live or buy a home without consideration of their national origin, race or color, sex, pregnancy, disability, religion or familial status.

Who Can File?

It is against the law to do any of the following based on race, sex, pregnancy, disability, nationality, religion, color or familial status:

  • Refuse to rent or sell housing
  • Falsely deny that housing is available for inspection, rental or sale
  • Refuse to make a mortgage loan
  • Impose different conditions or terms on a loan
  • Threaten, coerce or intimidate any individual exercising a fair housing right
  • Refuse reasonable changes to your dwelling to accommodate a disability

(Under Chapter 760 of the Florida Statutes and the federal and Florida Fair Housing Act)

Real estate agents, brokers, landlords or anyone in the housing business has violated these laws if they encourage a homeowner to sell or rent with discriminatory intent.

Unless a housing community is complying with the requirements of a 55+ housing community, they cannot deny a family with children under the age of 18 from residing there.

How To File?

Call, write or visit the Commission within 1 year of the date on which the alleged act of discrimination occurred and describe the situation you feel was discriminatory.

  1. Speak with one of our experienced and compassionate staff members who will listen,advise and assist you.
  2. File a complaint with the Commission’s Housing Unit.

Use the Housing Discrimination Questionnaire to assist you.

The Commission works cooperatively with its federal counterpart, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and most cases are dual filed.

Housing Discrimination Questionnaire

Please fax or mail the completed questionnaire to the Office of Customer Service (fax and address are listed on the last page of the questionnaire). An email option will be added soon. The Office of Customer Service will complete a charge form, as applicable, for your signature and mail it to you at the address listed on the questionnaire.

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The Process

What to expect after you file a complaint:

When the Commission receives your complaint and determines it is timely and jurisdictional, it will be investigated.

The Commission will work with the United States Department of Housing (HUD) to ensure your complaint is thoroughly investigated.

Once the Commission reaches a decision, you will receive instructions on how to seek the remedies provided for under the law.

Possible remedies for housing discrimination include injunctions, restraining orders, damages, court costs and attorney fees

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