Short Term / Vacation Rentals


Short term and vacation rentals (STRs) have become extremely popular throughout the State of Florida. The ease in which a homeowner can rent their property utilizing websites such as and has helped spur this growth and popularity. However, prior to deciding to rent your property for less than 6 months, there are several factors that must be considered as well as associated fees and permits.

The City Commission adopted Ordinance 21-019 on July 19, 2021 with an effective date of August 3, 2021, which establishes standards, regulations and enforcement for short term and vacation rentals within the City of Fort Pierce. Please take a moment to fully review the requirement and standards established by the City Commission. In addition to the standards and regulations, the City Commission established an annual fee of $600.00 per unit via Resolution 21-R36. The conditional use zoning process for dwelling rentals was eliminated by the Commission on August 2, 2021 via Ordinance 21-020.

For more information regarding the registration process, please visit the City Clerk's website:; email them at or call them directly at 772-467-3065.

STR/VR Enforcement

The City of Fort Pierce has contracted with Host Compliance/Granicus to help us identify the short term and vacation rental units within the City limits. While this program has a very high efficiency rating for identifying units that are required to register with the City, some unit owners may continue to provide short term or vacation rental services without registering.

If you wish to report a unit owner for failing to register or if you have any type of complaint regarding a short term / vacation rental unit, Host Compliance/Granicus has provided both a 24-hour hotline as well as a web based complaint portal.

24-Hour Hotline

Call 772-227-1580 any time of the day or night to report a possible violation of the STR/VR program. 

Online Complaint Form

Use the following link to report a possible violation of the STR/VR program. Through this link you can upload a website address for an unregistered unit or upload photos and other attachments.