Commercial Guidelines


  1. Safe and accessible container locations, as approved by the City, shall be provided by the owner/occupant of the establishments needing container collection. Containers shall be located a minimum of 6 feet from the buildings, overhangs and any other objects to prevent damage during the dumping process. When used, a container enclosure shall be 12 feet wide by 12 feet deep (clear inside dimensions) with a 12-foot opening when the gates are open. Each gate shall be equipped with a positive stop rod to hold the gate open. City containers shall not be moved without the express permission of the Solid Waste Division.
  2. The type of business you operate will determine the collection service most appropriate to meet your solid waste needs. The Department will provide you with an assessment of the refuse, and advise you of the most suitable type of collection service based on volume, bin size, service frequency and bin location.
  3. Front loading type commercial refuse bins are available in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard sizes. Service is offered from 1 to 6 days a week.
  4. Please do not stack additional boxes, pallets or other debris around your commercial refuse bin. Once the refuse container is full, additional refuse should be held inside your business until the container has received its scheduled service or a Special Pick-up should be requested. You will be billed for the Special Pick-up, accordingly.
  5. Keep your refuse bin lids closed at all times. This prevents the possibility of papers blowing out and contains any odor until your refuse bin is serviced on its scheduled pick-up day.
  6. Your container must not be overloaded to the extent that its lids cannot close.
  7. PROHIBITED - Building materials (Construction Debris), concrete, bricks, sand and heavy logs should not be placed in the container. Oversize furniture items are prohibited.
  8. Your container is emptied mechanically by the operator from the truck cab. Any accumulations of boxes, trash or pallets left on or around the refuse container will not be collected. Instead, the container will be tagged as overloaded.
  9. Containers that are inaccessible due to obstructive parking or other reasons beyond the control of the Solid Waste Division may require a chargeable extra dump (a Special) before the next scheduled collection day. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the container(s) are not blocked on the scheduled collection day. 
  10. Any shrubbery, limbs, yard trash, etc., must be cut in lengths required to fit inside the refuse container. The service charge you pay is for the containers’ capacity. Additional trash outside the refuse bin will not be collected.


  • Again, the type of business you operate will determine the type of collection service most appropriate for your solid waste needs.
  • Commercial bulk service is available to those businesses whose refuse volume or commercial location cannot support a commercial refuse bin.