Body worn and dashboard cameras

In 2013, the Fort Pierce Police Department purchased five body worn cameras (BWCs) as a pilot program for the SWAT team, and one BWC for domestic violence interviews. The cameras were never meant for patrol purposes, but rather for SWAT needs and domestic violence interviews. They were purchased for a total cost of $4,171.

One of the six cameras still is used for investigative purposes, but the others are not being used until a program is developed and the necessary funding secured. The department does not have a BWC program because there is no funding in place to cover the on-going maintenance and data storage costs. 

Because the cameras were not in use, Chief Diane Hobley-Burney was unaware of their existence at FPPD until this week. However, since her arrival, one of her priorities has been to outfit officers with BWCs. As a result, staff has been exploring grant funding needed to purchase and maintain them properly. 

The Chief’s plan is to implement an effective and complete BWC program once funding becomes available. 

Dashboard cameras
FPPD has 56 working dashboard cameras in patrol cars. These have been used since 2008. They were purchased at a cost of $4,738 for each unit. The department is currently evaluating the system and is researching newer models. 

For more information, contact:
Ed Cunningham
Public Information Officer
Fort Pierce Police Department
C: (772) 216-4350
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